Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Recordings from Poetry Parnassus from SJ Fowler

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Maintenant events at the Poetry Parnassus. On both http://www.blutkitt.blogspot.co.uk/ and http://litandspoken.southbankcentre.co.uk/ I have written about most of the events we were involved in and others besides. Some of the videos of the readings are below, the rest can be found on http://www.youtube.com/fowlerpoetry

from the Maintenant celebration II:

from assorted events, including the Wolf celebration & the Lunch poems series: http://blutkitt.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/parnassus-blog-5.html

Casagrande promo http://vimeo.com/44940105
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