No Drive

The 2011 Oscar noms have been read out live on BBC radio.  Good news that we all knew would happen: Gary Oldman for Best Actor; Meryl Streep for Best Actress.  Of the directors, good to see Woody Allen there, and Terence Malick, two geniuses, as well as the brilliant Scorsese and Alexander Payne.  In terms of Best Film, it seems likely a toss up between The Artist, The Help, or Moneyball - though War Horse may slip in by a nose; Midnight In Paris will be a sentimental loser.  Big missing film: Drive, the second-best film of the year after Tree of Life.  Also, nothing much for Tinker, Tailor, given the early hype.  The Best Supporting Actress nod will likely go to The Artist; Best Suporting Actor perhaps to old-timer Max Von Sydow or Christopher Plummer - what amazing careers these guys have had.  Nothing for the dog.  That's Wuff!
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