The Scottish For Yes

Yesterday's elections in Scotland yielded an historic result: Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), will now have the majority needed to hold a referendum on independence.  Salmond's party has followed the strategy laid-out for them by the PQ, in Quebec, who held several referendums, but never quite managed to achieve the majority to fulfill their dream.  As an Anglo-Quebecer and Canadian, I was opposed to a separatist Quebec, a distinct province with a significant history that was better served in the federation - but I do welcome the chance Salmond offers his people for their own vote.  It seems obvious that Scotland has the culture, infrastructure, and history, to deserve a say in its own governance, and to determine whether it will remain within the UK or become its own country in the EU, like the Republic of Ireland, or Portugal.  Economics or fear may hinder the dream, but it may not - we might see a liberated Scotland in the next four years.  Meanwhile, in Quebec, it seems that the most recent election saw the tossing out of the Bloc, separatists, in favour of the pro-Canadian NDP.  In such matters, voters tend to be fickle, and torn between the devils they do, and do not, know.

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