World Gone Mad?

Take a look at the news today: bomb in Omagh; murderous riots in Afghanistan triggered by insane preacher in America; civil war in Libya; in Cote Ivoire; unrest in Yemen; Syria; radiation leaks in Japan, etc - does it not seem particularly dire?  Well, yes and no.  1,601 years ago, the sack of Rome was pretty bad.  Still - I cannot help feeling things unravelling a bit these days.  We must have faith.  Steady as she goes.  Courage.  But human nature is not impressive, altogether.  We should be doing more to hold things together, surely?  Still, 1.2 billion people in India have common cause to cheer their peaceful victory in the great game of Cricket.  So - maybe, in the artifice of play, we can locate a still point of joy after all.
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