Visual Pleasures

The June issue of Sight & Sound has selected 75 "mainstream marvels of the last 30 years" - commercial films that deserve more critical appreciation or notice.  I was glad to see a few of my favourites among the list, such as Excalibur, Deep Cover, Unlawful Entry, The Runaways, The Bounty, Breakdown, Femme Fatale, Footloose, Jennifer's Body, and Tombstone.  I have to question the inclusion of The Devil Wears Prada, which seems to me to be an obvious classic already. Several key mainstream marvels could also be added to this list of 75 (for the full list get a copy of the magazine), such as Killing ZoeLooker, Nacho LibreCongo, Don't Say A Word, The Rainmaker, and JFK.

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