Galliano Swan

There is an irony that Black Swan Oscar-winner Natalie Portman, one face of Dior, should accuse her one-time colleague, John Galliano, the other face of Dior, for being a raving genius - when Black Swan is precisely about the power of destructive negative elements within the psyche to both inspire, and destroy.  If, as seems the case, that the current video of a slovenly, slurring bohemian in Paris sneeringly claiming that the Holocaust was a great idea, and A.H. someone to love, is really Galliano, then he is kaput.  I don't see a way forward for him, with this sort of racism at his core.

Anti-Semitism is a nasty and stupid crime, and intolerable.  Eliot, had he lived in the YouTube age, might have wrecked himself more clearly with his views.  While we have Pound's fascist broadcast transcripts, and a few recordings, they are not widely known or available, though now studied. I wonder if it is time to ask why a certain sort of artist feels it necessary, to, from time to time, exhibit such ignorant thuggishness, and let such sludge out of their cankered souls?  This would be sad, if it were not so repellent.  His unruly fashions were the rage, but his enraged opinions unfashionable.
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