Wednesday, 8 December 2010

National Distress

I was on a National Express train yesterday at 10.30 am - delayed for more than half an hour because of weather - travelling First Class (tickets bought well in advance can be quite reasonable) for a change.  Never again.  When asked by the service manager if I wanted to order anything from the new generous-looking breakfast menu, I asked for tea and toast.  He became defensive, and told me I could only have these if I ordered a set menu meal, such as an omelet, for around £8.

Pointing out that tea and toast were priced at £1 on the menu as extras, he refused to sell them to me separately.  So much for "first class service" - indeed, service of any kind.  It might have been nice to have something hot on such a cold day.  He did say I could go to the buffet car, of course (for second class travellers) rendering the whole idea of first class at-seat service absurd.  When I want to the buffet, the chef was truculent, and verging on menacing , leaning over me, sneering and insinuating I was too cheap to order a proper meal.  Whatever happened to tea and toast for elevenses?  Kafka on the tracks?
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