I grow old, Sleigh Bells don't

I am now 44.  I had hoped to stay cool until April 8, 2011, when I turn 45.  However, I have been spotifying of late, catching up with all the latest bands and new tracks or songs or whatever they are now.  Downloads is so vulgar.  Anyhoo.  Sleigh Bells is a new band with an album called Treats.  And it is really loud, glaring, and sort of like 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' for thirty-minutes without the super-smart lyrics, with punk girls and fuzz and funk.  That is it feels blow-your-head open new and on a different level of noise and generation.  I think this may be the first album that I recognise as genuinely excellent, subversive and fun that my ears will have to adjust to.  I am no longer able to just jump right into the music's head, to be Larkin about it.  But I am sidling up to this.  I want to wear bells.
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