Eyewear Wide Closed

Play fair, and wear sunscreen!  And read poetry books kids!
Eyewear needs a summer break.  Call it gone fishin'.  Or less confusion.  Unless North Korea actually drops its nukes, or Don Paterson declares that Chuck Bernstein is his favourite poet, I will be unlikely to post much here for a while.  Don't panic.  There are enough featured poets, reviews, and other stuff here to browse - Eyewear has a long tail wagging back five years.  And, oh, yeah, Inception is growing on me.  And, is Pulled Apart By Horses a sort of dumb Pixies rip-off, or something altogether better and more complex?  My last weighing in for a while on controversies of the day: editors and the Queen shouldn't go back on their invites and their acceptances - but nobles oblige.  Where was Walcott on the Forward list?  White Egrets is a great book.  Maybe it will fare better at the Eliots.  Have a good summer time!
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