Defending Moat?

BBC Radio 4 has just now been debating whether Raoul Moat is a worthy folk-hero - as Eyewear predicted might happen, a bandit hero cult has developed around the tragic man.  It seems a bad idea to have Tasered a man with a shotgun to his head (the jolts caused can lead to involuntary spasms and hence pulling of a trigger) - or to have kept his family members away, when they wanted to tell him he was loved (he was bemoaning his lonely state).  Meanwhile, the police office who he shot point blank has forgiven him, though he may now be blind.  In another case of miscarried justice - and deranged men - Roman Polanski has been freed from his luxurious house arrest.  This is a pity.  Although a brilliant film director, he also seems to be something of a sexual predator.  There is of course one law for dirt poor fugitives like Moat, and another law for suave rich abusers like Polanski. Will the director become a folk-hero too?  Finally, speaking of violent men  what was that with the Netherlands last night?  A hockey game broke out on the pitch.  Shameful.  There should be red cards for poets online, to curb drunk-blogging and other high kicks.
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