Chris Haney's Obituary

It is fitting that the obituary of Chris Haney, a Canadian inventor of the world's greatest board game since Monopoly and Scrabble - Trivial Pursuit - has been published on Canada Day, in the Guardian.  Haney helped to invent the game in my home town of Montreal, when a journalist at The Gazette.  As a paperboy I used to deliver The Gazette, and still recall that most memorable of headlines, first glimpsed groggily at the crack of dawn some summer day thirty years ago: BOY MEETS HERO AT BOTTOM OF POOL.  No Canadian cottage or dinner party was complete without TP - which for awhile, with its pie pieces - seemed to be more popular than TV.  I had an Uncle, Ed, who memorised all the cards, and therefore could win the game on his first round, which was annoying.  He has since died, tragically.
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