It's the oil, stupid

Eyewear is puzzled.  If BP stands to lose 20 billion or more dollars over this disaster-fiasco, why not spend £10 billion now, to invent some remarkable oil-sucking device?  Surely, ten billion thrown at some Nobel geniuses as a challenge, could yield a machine to do the trick.  I may be naive, but you have a hole a mile down gushing out oil under massive pressure.  Okay, that's bad.  But they got to the moon, yeah?  Why not build a huge dome or cone of some kind, lower it, and completely enclose a large swathe of the seafloor?  And send hoovering submersibles to capture the rest.  Last time I checked, they had one big pipe down there.  Why not put more down?  We're talking billions here - rather than waste that on mere pay-outs, spend it now, and get the eggheads to work!  Or, hire a hundred thousand people in small boats to each scoop oil up.  You could pay them each $10,000.