Hollywood Oxon

There likely hasn't been a more glamorous British couple since Taylor and Burton, or a more literary-cinematic couple since Monroe and Miller, or, how about a more good-looking and smart couple since Hughes and Plath? Well, whatever you think of free publicity, and how it mixes with poetry (which is almost impossible to give away), the young British poet, Adam O'Riordan, has it in spades. He is in the papers for dating Alice Eve, pictured, a rising starlet formerly of Oxford - or she is in the papers for dating him. Wow!

He has a new book due out, she has a new movie out. And they live in California. If Eve-O'Riordan did not exist, Eyewear would have invented them. They fuse the interest in popular culture and high art this blog pursues. As is, no other poetry-movie couple in the world is currently as enviable. Or, would be, if one cared about such shallow things as glamour, fame, and being the talk of several towns. Yawn. By the way, I wonder what poet-celebrity journalist Olivia Cole makes of this star-studded and bright young couple of immense promise. Eyewear looks forward to O'Riordan's debut collection.

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