You Are Here: Poetry As Theatre

Colette Bryce, Daljit Nagra and Jo Shapcott, write emotional, complex, funny and engaging poems. Publishers, readers and prize judges alike love them. You Are Here is a new poetry show which brings the poets together on stage for a beautifully designed performance which asks Who are you? Where are you and where are you going? Poems pose the questions and whisper the answers.

You Are Here is produced by Jaybird, the live literature production, promotion and management enterprise run by Julia Bird. (Julia also works part time for the Poetry School and recently published her own first collection of poetry).

She says ‘I have worked as a poetry promoter for years, but I also have a love of theatrical sparkle and spectacle. When I produce live literature shows like You Are Here (and Tilting the Mirror with Jean Sprackland and Greta Stoddart previously) I am trying to find a way to introduce the pleasures and provocations of contemporary poetry to a theatre or arts centre audience. This I do by adding the expectations that a theatre audience might have (a show with direction, a set, lighting and music that takes place in a theatre rather than a literature festival tent) to the most interesting and gorgeous poetry I can find. The You Are Here rehearsal period has just finished - we dodged the snow, luckily. The poets and the director have worked fantastically hard to create an hour long show which is full of music, meditation, humour and beauty ... all you could want from poetry, really!’

The show is on tour, the first night in Norwich is on 20th January; the last night in London is on 26th April. Performances also take place in Bath, Cambridge, Chipping Norton, Hull, Lancaster, Liverpool, Newcastle, Stockton and Torrington. Dates & details are at
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