Pandora's Box Office

Reviewing Avatar is like opining on sunshine. At a certain point, sheer global approval makes a critique willful, redundant and even silly. Actually, Eyewear saw the 3D spectacle with his six eyes (doubled specs) and enjoyed the retro feel. The future is 3D we are told because it foils pirates. It also makes cinema feel like an event again. The Leicester Square audience applauded after the screening. Of the plot, it is the nothing new. A bit of Pocahontas, Dances with Wolves, Braveheart and The New World, The Mission, along with Aliens and Matrix. Still, it is great to see Giovanni Ribisi put to good use finally after Boiler Room. The animation and effects are state of the art. One felt one was in the 70s poster art world. I found it a thrilling if predictable ride and was moved by the attempt to redress the evils of Western imperialism and anti-Gaiaism through this fantasy. If only film changed the past! James Cameron has begun to look more visionary than Spielberg. With the two top-grossing films in the world under his belt all he needs is a third act hat-trick to be truly monumental - Avatar 2? Ribisi will be back!
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