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Bastille Day Reading For Oxfam Bookfest

Bastille Day Poetry, Wine & Cheese Evening
Oxfam Book and Music shop
Tuesday 14th July 7pm

Featuring readings by:

Barbara Beck
David Caddy
Jennifer K Dick
Brentley Frazer
Rufo Quintavalle
George Vance
Jonathan Wonham

All the wine is being brought from Paris and a selection of cheeses
Hosted by Todd Swift our Poet-in-Residence
Admission free

91 Marylebone High Street, London, W1


Bios of writers appearing

Rufo Quintavalle was born in London, 5th January, 1978. He has an M.A. University Iowa English Literature and a B.A. Oxford University English Literature
2009- Poetry editor Nthposition; 2007- Poetry editor Upstairs at Duroc
Make Nothing Happen (AWARD-WINNING Oystercatcher Press, 2009)

Dr. Jonathan Wonham lives in Norway where he works as a geologist. Jonathan was born in Glasgow in 1965, but spent his childhood in Morpeth, Northumberland. He has been published in the book Poetry Introduction 7 (Faber) as well as numerous magazines and anthologies. A new book entitled Steel Horizon: North Sea Poems is forthcoming from Incline Press. From 2005-2008 Jonathan Wonham assisted with the editing of Upstairs at Duroc magazine while living in Paris. He continues this association today by e-mail. . He is an active earth scientist and has published several papers on aspects of sedimentology, stratigraphy and petroleum geoscience. From 2004-2008, Jonathan wrote a blog about poetry, geology and France called "Connaissances", notably featuring articles about the influence of geology on French poetry. The blog also features the work of many invited poets illustrated by Jonathan's own experimental photographs and collages.

Author of FLUORESCENCE (Univ of GA Press, 2004), RETINA/Rétine (Estepa Editions, France, w/art by Kate Van Houten, tr. R. Bouthonnier) & ENCLOSURES (BlazeVox eBook, 2007) she teaches at l'EHESS & Polytechnique; co-organizes Ivy Writers Reading Series with Michelle Noteboom in Paris, has a PhD in Comp Lit (Paris III) on Susan Howe, Myung Mi Kim & Anne-Marie Albiach's visuel use of the page, as well as a DEA from Paris III, an MFA from CSU in the States + a BA from Mt Holyoke College.

Brentley Frazer (born 1972) is an Australian poet/writer and artist.Brentley Frazer's poetry and other writings have appeared in many of the world's most reputable literary journals, magazines, anthologies and periodicals. His first book A Dark Samadhi - poems + microtexts was published in 2003 to critical acclaim. In 2001 Brentley founded the cult internet publication 'Retort Magazine'. In 2003 the Columbia Journalism Review and The Guardian UK placed Retort Magazine in their top 10 web based publications of its kind. In 2004 Brentley relocated from Queensland to the city of Melbourne. In July 2007 Brentley published a new collection of poems and 'microtexts' Memories Like Angels at a Ball Tripping over Their Gowns.

Ohio-born poet George Vance was most recently involved in experiments with word/image fusion, tags & street art. His hybrid language & image video installation, “Heights”, was exhibited in Brussels in 2006, & he recently designed a ‘totem’ sculpture with a Kanak artist. Author of Bent Time, a chapbook, his poems have appeared in Paris in Pharos and Upstairs at Duroc. Vance has lived in Liberia, Austria, Germany, France and the French Overseas ‘Country’ of New Caledonia/Kanaky.

Barbara Beck, originally from Minnesota, USA, is a poet and translator who lives in Paris, where she teaches and is on the Board of Directors of the educational and cultural non-profit organization WICE. She has been the Editor of the Paris-based English language journal Upstairs at Duroc since 2002. Her work has appeared in The Los Angeles Review, Van Gogh’s Ear, The Chariton Review, Poetry Australia ,The Literary Review, Slightly West, In’hui, la dérobée and elsewhere. She has published several books of poetry translations, the latest of which is a collaborative translation done with French poet Dominique Quélen of Livingdying by Cid Corman, published as Vivremourir by L’Act Mem in 2008.

Poet, Writer, Critic. He edits the international literary magazine, Tears in the Fence. Most recent books are Man in Black (Penned In The Margins 2007), London: City of Words (Blue Island 2006) and The Willy Poems (Clamp Down Press 2004). He also writes the occasional episode of Middle Ditch, the internet drama serial. The first series of So Here We Are essays is due for publication in 2010.

Editor's note: there may be typographical inconsistencies in this ephemeral post, but time is a winged chariot at my back.
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