Gordon Brown's Meltdown

It was a strange night for politics in Britain, and a sad one. The EU election results are Labour's poorest since 1918 (beaten in Wales and Scotland, with far-right parties getting a toehold), with less than 16% of the popular vote. Eyewear feels the only way forward for Labour is radical and dramatic renewal, instigated by drastic change at the top. That this likely won't happen only redoubles the Labour tragedy - and the potential destruction of the party for a generation is a tragedy - and it likely won't because a) Brown is stubborn enough to cling to power until next May and b) his peers and MPs seem so demoralised and/or craven as to resist the bold steps necessary. This means Labour is dead on its feet - like someone stuck at the edge of a diving board, shivering, unable and unwilling to climb down or make the leap. It seems obvious that any leader would be better, since Brown cannot communicate with human warmth and will never win voters around now. Someone else just might find a bit of that Obama spark. Meanwhile, the right is gaining ground in Britain, and looks set - in more or less acceptable forms - to be driving the agenda for the next decade (much as they have this decade, anyway). What a mess Blair and Brown - that unfunny duo - have got us into this time. But then, since at least 2003, they've been abandoning all of Labour's core values simply to curry favour, anyway.
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