May Poems At Nthposition And A Farewell

I've been editing the poetry section at Nthposition since 2002. I am now stepping down for the rest of 2009, while I complete my doctoral research. Nthposition has replaced me with a very able acting poetry editor, Rufo Quintavalle. I like his poetry a great deal, and published him often over the years, at Nthposition. I look forward to what he selects over the next 8 or 9 months.

So, May is my bumper crop - enjoy!

Headmaster's report, Words spoke where coals are dug & Sally-Anne-Moose
by Alan Baban

May I now, Language and the gaze & My legs in the bathtub
by Anne Korff

Fire song
by Aseem Kaul

Longing & The wait
by Pierre Ringwald

Desertification & A Gurkha's take on the former workshop of the world
by Samuel Prince

Midnight at the Hotel Savaria
by Norman Jope

A sleeper at the station is aflame Part 2
by Brentley Frazer

Washington & Tremont
by ryk mcintyre

by Christopher Horton

Willy Loman's twin
by Glen Sorestad

'And what is seen is what and what is seen', Air ambulance & Fibanacci pome
by Wynn Wheldon

I'm going to sour, are you?
by Nathaniel G Moore

The bone bed
by Padraig Rooney

Louis Slotin and Eumaeus
by Michael Lista

A good death, The day you heard your father died & Toothlessness
by Colette Sensier

The Library of Missed Ripostes
by David Briggs
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