Nthposition Poetry In February Now Online

Sun over a tree line
by Liz Gallagher
Children going to school
by Gopi Kottoor
Mermaid & Real
by Fiona Tinwei Lam
That man with the flattop looks a little too tough to make fun of
by Neal Drew
A television in dream-time, Desert to dreams & The darks
by Annie Finch
Tone blind
by Paul A Toth
Blackpool, 1945 & Inheritance
by Hannah Mardell
Mother Nature house hunting
by Marion McCready
Terminus & The hotel
by Ailbhe Darcy
This is my village
by Katie Daniels
The waves of the sea
by Graham Hardie
Molotov cocktail, The coroner's report, Miscarriage, Terminal dwelling, Black song for Billie Holliday & Home on Mother's Day
by Suzanne R Harvey
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