October Poetry At Nthposition

Longing for Limone & Limone
by Myra Schneider

Classroom, Edge, Highs in the low Seventies, Pipe smoke, The Director of Antiquities: a photograph, 1953 & Yorick sings
by Andrew Shields

A year in: clippings
by Ariel Gordon

"Yes, I do wish to go back there", "Our time is not yet" & "Is this how we enter the dream?"
by James Midgley

Skywalker country & Collodion
by Patrick Chapman

In an '08 Honda Civic, fast out of work and
by John Trigonis

by Patrick Williamson

The ornamental room
by Iain Britton

Indian Joe
by Fergal McNally

by Rufo Quintavalle

Tracy's face
by Simon Turner