Boris Last Laugh

It's a sea change, for sure. The eccentric, former president of the Oxford Union, Tory, editor, broadcaster, poet (light verse for children), public buffoon, and (at least) controversialist (he's called Africans "Picanninies" and mentioned "water melon smiles" no doubt referencing the little-known film from 1913), Boris Johnson, pictured between two women dressed as Playboy Bunnies, has sadly knocked Red Ken from his plinth.

This will either go down in history as one of the most foolish decisions an electorate could have made - or a bit of unlikely, inspired tomfoolery that led to greater things (as with Churchill). Some claim he is a genius, others merely a tousled arrogant Etonian (though he was a scholarship boy) toff. One thing is certain - London - the world's second greatest city (New York is first) - is about to have a stylish, witty, literate, and politically offensive/divisive figure, as its mayor.
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