Poem by Mark Yakich

Eyewear, poised on the brink of British Summer Time, is pleased to welcome Mark Yakich (pictured). Yakich has worked in the European Parliament and has degrees in political science, West European studies, and poetry - always a promising mix. He is the author of Unrelated Individuals Forming a Group Waiting to Cross (National Poetry Series, Penguin 2004) and The Making of Collateral Beauty (Snowbound Chapbook Award, Tupelo 2006).

His latest collection, The Importance of Peeling Potatoes in Ukraine, was released this week by Penguin, so it seemed like a particularly apt moment to feature his writing. Mark lives in New Orleans.

Ecclesiastes, reduced to

The telescope ascends
And I am buried here in the middle

Of some damn book the observatory
At the top of the hill contains

Its bubble of certainty I look up
And feel like a weed a wind slips through

My hair and I don’t feel it but I know
It’s there and there’s no

Need anymore
To believe in the stars

poem by Mark Yakich
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