Dramatic Iowa Caucus

As Eyewear hoped, and predicted, Mr. Obama has placed first in the Democratic Iowa Caucus, held last night, beating Hillary Clinton. Less positively, the charismatic rightwing Republican candidate, Mike Huckabee, also came first for his party. It remains to be seen what happens in New Hampshire, next Tuesday, when some distance may open up between the few leading figures bunched at the head of the pack. It seems likely, given Mr. Edwards' second placing here, he will stay the course perhaps until Super Tuesday, in February, meaning the Democratic party has a three-legged race staggering on until then. The Republicans, too, should keep at least four men in the race until February 5, Mitt Romney, Huckabee, McCain and Giuliani. Ron Paul might just edge in, there, too, as his Internet-based support keeps his maverick status alive. The world may yet be saved...
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