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Eyewear is proud to replicate, below, the latest Jacket magazine announcement (slightly edited), for its new issue. As you know, Jacket is usually thought of as the world's leading English-language online magazine dedicated to poets, poetry and poetics. And, among oher features (it is a very rich and expansive issue) is the one I co-edited with Jason Camlot, on contemporary Anglo-Quebec poets, including, among others, Leonard Cohen and Stephanie Bolster. Read on!


Announcing Jacket 34 -- Late 2007 -- special stocking-stuffer issue!
Editor: John Tranter - Associate Editor: Pam Brown
F E A T U R E : Contemporary Turkish Poetry
A selection of poems and essays drawn from «Eda: An Anthology of Contemporary
Turkish Poetry» edited by Murat Nemet-Nejat, published by Talisman House, New
Jersey, and available through Small Press Distribution. With thanks to Talisman
F E A T U R E : Post-Marginal Positions: Women and the UK Experimental/
Avant-Garde Poetry Community, moderated by Catherine Wagner
F E A T U R E : 'Between revelation and persuasion': Eric Mottram and Robert
Duncan: A Compilation by Amy Evans and Shamoon Zamir
F E A T U R E : Lucas Klein: «Stèles» Volumes 1 and 2, by Victor Segalen
F E A T U R E : «About Now», by Joanne Kyger, Introduction by Linda Russo
For decades, Joanne Kyger has played a crucial role in California's poetry
scene. Her poetry has been influenced by her studies in Zen Buddhism and her
connection to the poets of Black Mountain, the San Francisco Renaissance, and
the Beat Generation. In this issue of Jacket:
=== Linda Russo's Introduction to the book,
=== Jane Falk provides a reader's response, and
=== Dale Smith looks at Kyger's developing poetics through her long career, and
=== Robert Adamson presents two poems written for Joanne Kyger.
=== Note: Jacket 11 contains a multi-voiced feature on Joanne Kyger edited by
Linda Russo:
F E A T U R E : Canadian Poetry: Language Acts: Anglo-Québec Poetry, 1976 to
the 21st Century -- Editors: Jason Camlot & Todd Swift
=== Jason Camlot and Todd Swift: Introduction to «Language Acts: Anglo-Québec
Poetry, 1976 to the 21st Century»
=== Robert Allen: Seven poems
=== Oana Avasilichioaei: from «Gossip in the Valley»
=== Stephanie Bolster: Six poems
=== Asa Boxer: Four poems
=== Jason Camlot: The Debaucher
=== Angela Carr: Six Poems from the Rose Concordance
=== Leonard Cohen: Three poems
=== Mary di Michele: Four poems
=== Endre Farkas: Four poems
=== Raymond Filip: Three poems
=== Jon Paul Fiorentino: Five poems
=== artie gold: Five Jockey Poems
=== Michael Harris: Five poems
=== D.G. Jones: Six poems
=== Steve Luxton: Four poems
=== David McGimpsey: Four poems
=== Donald McGrath: Five poems
=== Stephen Morrissey: Three poems
=== Erín Moure: Map of Calgary
=== Robyn Sarah: Six poems
=== David Solway: Five poems
=== Carmine Starnino: Five poems
=== Andrew Steinmetz: Five poems
=== Nathalie Stephens: Four poems
=== Todd Swift: Four poems
=== Ruth Taylor: Five poems
=== Peter Van Toorn: Six poems
I N T E R V I E W : From the Hither Side: Innovative Women Poets - Cynthia
Hogue and Elisabeth Frost in conversation with Jane Joritz-Nakagawa
I N T E R V I E W : Jackson Mac Low in conversation: Making Poetry «Otherwise»,
28 January 2001
I N T E R V I E W : Thirteen Ways of Looking At A Vermont Poet: Bob Arnold in
conversation with Gerald Hausman
I N T E R V I E W : Shanxing Wang in conversation with Nathan Brown
A R T I C L E : What's Really Going on in .Persicos Odi.? Art Beck on Horace.
A R T I C L E : Jeff Derksen: «These Things Form Poems When I Allow It»: after
John Newlove
A R T I C L E : Laurie Duggan: On Gael Turnbull's «Collected Poems», with a
digression on his aleatory, kinetic and other off-the-page practices
A R T I C L E : John Felstiner: «It looks just like the Cascades» - Gary
Snyder's Eye for the Real World
A R T I C L E : Thomas Fink: The Poetry of Questions
A R T I C L E : Noah Eli Gordon: Considering Chapbooks: A Brief History of the
Little Book
A R T I C L E : Noah Eli Gordon: Considering Chapbooks: Belladonna* books
A R T I C L E : Philip Metres «d.a.levy & the mimeograph revolution», edited by
Larry Smith and Ingrid Swanberg
A R T I C L E : Jonathan Morse: The Startle Reflex: Some Episodes from the
Lives of Ezra Pound's Language
A R T I C L E : Jennifer Moxley: Rimbaud's Foolish Virgin, Wieners's «Feminine
Soliloquy,» and the Metaphorical Resistance of the Lyric Body
A R T I C L E : Sandeep Parmar: Mina Loy's 'Colossus' and the Myth of Arthur
A R T I C L E : Brian M. Reed: 'Lost Already Walking': Caroline Bergvall's
A R T I C L E : Anthony Stephens: Reflecting tragedy: Nietzsche, Lacan,
A R T I C L E : John Temple: Haven of the Heart: The Poetry of John Wieners
A R T I C L E : John Emil Vincent: Escaping the future: John Ashbery's «Girls
on the run»
R E V I E W S :
Language Poetry by the Bay: James Sherry: «The Grand Piano» Project: ongoing experiment in collective autobiography by ten writers identified
with Language poetry in San Francisco. It takes its name from a coffeehouse at
1607 Haight Street, where from 1976-79 the authors took part in a reading and
performance series. The writing project, begun in 1998, was undertaken as an
online collaboration, first via an interactive web site and later through a
=== «The Grand Piano» Part 3 reviewed
Earlier reviews of the project:
=== «The Grand Piano» Part 1 - in Jacket 32
=== «The Grand Piano» Part 2 - in Jacket 32
=== Li Yun Alvarado: «How Long She'll Last in This World», by María Meléndez
=== Cristiana Baik: «DICTEE» by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
=== Douglas Barbour: «The Goldfinches of Baghdad» by Robert Adamson
=== Christopher Barnes: «Lemon Shark» by Luke Beesley
=== Ben Lyle Bedard: «REAL» by Stephen Ratcliffe
=== Joel Bettridge: «Mirrors for Gold», by Roberto Tejada
=== Lisa Bower: «Erosion's Pull», by Maureen Owen
=== Lisa Bower: «Letter from the Lawn» by Bobbi Lurie
=== Joseph Bradshaw: «Inbox: (A Reverse Memoir) », Noah Eli Gordon
=== Norene Cashen: «Cleavage» by Chris Tysh
=== Matthew Cooperman: «A Fiddle Pulled from the Throat of a Sparrow», by Noah
Eli Gordon
=== Eugenia Demuro: «Stet.» by José Kozer. Trans. Mark Weiss.
=== Mark Dickinson: «The Moon Sees the One» by Candice Ward
=== Alexander Dickow: «I'm The Man Who Loves You», by Amy King
=== Sarah Dowling: «The Material of Poetry: Sketches for a Philosophical
Poetics», by Gerald Bruns.
=== Michael Duszat: «An Elemental Thing», by Eliot Weinberger
=== Curtis Faville: Aram Saroyan: «Complete Minimalist Poems», and Robert
Grenier: «100 Sentences / 100 Phrases». Translated from English into French by
Martin Richet with the Author.
=== Forrest Gander: «A Worldly Country» by John Ashbery
=== Alan Gilbert: «How to Read a Poem» by Terry Eagleton
=== Daniel Godston: «Blue Lash» by James Armstrong
=== Daniel Godston: «Fulcrum: an annual of poetry and aesthetics» Number 5,
2006 (edited by Philip Nikolayev and Katia Kapovich)
=== Piotr Gwiazda: Professing Poetry: a review of «Poetry and Pedagogy: The
challenge of the contemporary», edited by Joan Retallack and Juliana Spahr
=== Tom Hibbard: «Infinity Subsections» by Mark DuCharme
=== Julia Istomina: «Rise Up», by Matthew Rohrer
=== Tim Keane: «The Poems of Catullus: A Bilingual Edition», translated with
commentary by Peter Green
=== Astrid Lorange: «The Material Poem» edited by James Stuart
=== Nicole Mauro: «Cornstarch Figurine» by Elizabeth Treadwell
=== Carol Middleton: «About Writing, Seven Essays, Four Letters and Five
Interviews», by Samuel R Delany
=== Micaela Morrissette: «The Open Curtain», by Brian Evenson
=== Micaela Morrissette: «Bornholm Night-Ferry», by Aidan Higgins
=== Micaela Morrissette: «The Exquisite», by Laird Hunt
=== Micaela Morrissette: «North & South», by Martha King
=== Richard Owens: «Black Diamond Golden Boy Takes Bull By Horns» by Geoffrey
=== Craig Santos Perez: «Puerta Del Sol» by Francisco Aragón
=== Peter Robinson: «The Collected Poems of Ted Berrigan» edited by Alice
Notley with Anselm Berrigan and Edmund Berrigan, Introduction and Notes by
Alice Notley
=== Larissa Shmailo: «Letters from Aldenderry», by Philip Nikolayev
=== James Stuart: «Mediated», by Carol Mirakove, and «The Arts of Islam:
Treasures from the Nasser D Khalili Collection»
P O E M S:
=== Robert Adamson: Two poems (for Joanne Kyger)
=== Louis Armand: Six Parts for a Requiem
=== Jen Crawford: sixteen
=== Laurie Duggan: Two poems from 'The skies over Thanet'
=== Joel Deane: Tuk-tuk
=== Jesse Glass: Two poems
=== Scott Glassman and Sheila E. Murphy: from «Section 2»
=== Philip Hammial: Two poems
=== Ella Holcombe : The magazine
=== Vincent Katz: Three poems
=== Poems by Ko Un, translated from Korean by Brother Anthony of Taizé,
Young-moo Kim, and Gary Gach
=== Katy Lederer: In the Hole
=== Philip Metres: The Old Haunts: A Guided Tour
=== Carol Mirakove: Five poems
=== Aryanil Mukherjee: Two Poems
=== John Newlove: Three poems
=== Benjamin Paloff: Four poems
=== Toma. .alamun: Two poems, trans. Brian Henry
=== Peter Dale Scott: Five poems
=== Spencer Selby: Text From My Visual Book
=== Elizabeth Smither: Practising scales
=== Grzegorz Wróblewski: Two poems: Migraine; Jesse Owens and Luz Long
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