Friday, 16 November 2007

Facebook Poetry

Internet history has just been made - the winners of the first-ever Facebook poetry competition, with real cash prizes - have been announced. Drum roll, please.

Facebook Poetry Competion 1.0

The Winners:

#1 Tolu Ogunlesi
#2 Janet Vickers
#3 Dominic O’Rourke

Go to the group site on Facebook for more, including the poems.

Don't forget Facebook Poetry Competition 2.0

This time the rules are even simpler: a love sonnet - unpublished and your own work.

Post entries on the wall before January 30, 2008.

We'll announce the winners on Valentine's Day 2008. First prize nets you $150. Second place a sweet $75. Third Prize a paltry $25.

Submit now.
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