Facebooking the music

Facebook is an addiction, but maybe a good one. I joined a few weeks back, and now have over 250 "friends" (see picture for example). I also have a pet penguin, that is regularly petted, and a garden in which the so-called friends can leave flowers. Presents one can exchange with anyone else on the network, in the world, include happy chipmunks and chocolate-coloured cherries.

If one wanted, one could have a countdown to when Bush leaves, a list of favourite CDs, or even, a test to see how many of your friends (them again) are like you. There is a herd mentality to the groups that spring up - appreciation societies for bands, and even one man who promised to "punch an astronaut" for every 17 new members he received....

It is zany, very fun, and really, the best new game in town - you can be a vampire, or a zombie, and attack "chumps" (friends and strangers) - or throw virtual cartoon food. You can also let everyone in your network know exactly what your latest mood, or thought is.

Is this a waste of time? Yes and no.

It is a waste of time.

But meanwhile, several poetry groups have started, such as Poetry (I am a co-founder) that have already conjoined 100s of poets. There's already a poetry competition. I have been asked for poems for journals, and indeed, submitted. I have renewed or begun correspondence with a number of variously intriguing long-lost figures, some literary, some less so.
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