If the 00s have one house style - the 70s had Disco and Punk so the first decade of the 21st century might have many - it could just be coming to a head with the band Editors, pictured, whose second collection is out June 25 - see link for the first single from the album.

Call it "black transcendence" or "gritty lyricism" or "dark epiphany" or simply Joy Division gets Simple Minded - but it is a style pioneered by Coldplay recently, and one that apparently Interpol will assay soon as well. It's curiously English - after all, in poetry, 1940s romantic modernism (my term) encompassed the war and austerity years and a soaring eloquence. The same admixture of stark, unblinkered gloom and uplifting bells and choirs seems to be what's on offer now from Editors, too.

I'm looking forward to hearing the whole. I hope they get the balance right. Dancing with tears in one's eyes can be a somewhat mixed blessing...

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