In Cimarron

Eyewear had a good morning since the morning post brought many delights.

First, copies of my new chapbook from Rubicon Press, Natural Curve. First time I had seen them, smelled the ink, and checked for typos (none) - they look great, and more about that in future.

Secondly, a DVD of an episode of a TV show I wrote a few years back.

Then, and definitely not least, I opened my contributor's copy package from The Cimarron Review - one of America's best literary magazines, full stop.

A writer's self-induced pleasure does not get much better than seeing a poem here, and reader, I was pleased (I confess), to seeing mine on the film The Sun, about Hirohito, war, and memory, in its fine pages. I now look forward to reading the other writers in the Fall 2006 issue.

Look below for more information, and do subscribe:

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