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NEW AMERICAN WRITING / 369 Molino Avenue / Mill Valley, CA 94941

Dear Friend of New American Writing:

Because we are currently receiving less than $1 per issue of the magazine’s “sell-through” at Barnes & Noble and Borders, which unfortunately dominate the bookstore trade and use a heavy hand with small providers such as literary magazines, it’s urgent that we reduce our reliance on income from those chains and thus also our distributor, Ingram Periodicals. If we are not able to do so, we will be forced financially to cease publication of a magazine that has existed since 1971.

Therefore, we ask you to order the magazine directly from us using the following methods:

(1) Purchasing a three-issue subscription for $27, a savings of $1 per annual issue. To do so, send a check to the address above. If you wish to use a credit card, order through our website:

(2) Purchasing individual issues as they appear from the same address, by check or by credit card through our website.

The current issue, No. 23, was published in June. It contains new poems by Mahmoud Darwish; The Black Heralds of César Vallejo, translated by Clayton Eshleman; a selection of contemporary Vietnamese poetry translated by Nguyen Do and Paul Hoover; edited by Todd Swift, the work of twenty younger Canadian poets including Christian Bök and Lisa Robertson; and poetry by Donald Revell, George Albon, Elizabeth Robinson, Andrew Joron, Clayton Eshleman, Stacy Doris, Laynie Browne, Linh Dinh, Joseph Lease, Anna Rabinowitz, Timothy Liu, Sally Keith, and Aaron Shurin, among many other outstanding U.S. poets.

Over the years, we have published more than 2,000 poets including many of you receiving this letter. We are proud of our record of introducing exciting new poets and poetries.

If we can add 400 new subscribers, we can insure the longevity of the magazine the next three years.

Please join us as a subscriber and forward this message to your friends.

Sincerely, Maxine Chernoff and Paul Hoover
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