Poem by Barbara DeCesare

Eyewear is very pleased to welcome Barbara DeCesare (pictued above) this wintry Friday. Her poems have appeared in Poetry, Alaska Quarterly Review, Gargoyle, and many others.

Dreamhouse, a musical based on her work, ran in Midtown International Theatre Festival in New York City.

Winter Mermaid

Stupid justice!
Love breaks the boundaries
of not just your ridiculous
punch-line of a heart
but truth and time,
washes up on shore and spills
her rusty hooks to you,
her mouth frothing over
with fish stories
maybe you get the flash
of a fin,
a glint of bead on the surface
when the surface is enough
to make you fall in.

I knew this girl,
this semiprofessional
three-season beauty

until winter fooled me,
took her back
when sea horses came
to the bedroom window.

by Barbara DeCesare
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